Примечание: Некоторые фамилии по просьбе их владельцев убраны

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Subject: Re: ********* and Subtelny
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 95 19:44:40 EST
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Organization: People's Committee to drown the lying forger stukach ***** ********* in a parasha

****@lehigh.edu (***** *. *********) writes:
> In article <487qo2$kjh@senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU>,
>    Eugene  *fraer*  wrote:
> >****@lehigh.edu (**** *********) wrote:
> >>>> Someone who learned his/her history in USSR or Imperial Russia may
> >>>> believe the above balderdash, especially about Nevsky-the Tatar
> >>>> collaborator rebuilding Kyiv.
> >>I refer to the Sack of Kiev was by Batu Khan. If this does not provide you
> >>with a sufficient clue, here's another one. What happened with Desyatinnaya
> >>Tserkov'?
> >
> >*****, are you sure?
> >I don't know antient history too well, but as a former citizen of Kiev I hav
> >read some books on history of this particular city. As far as I remember all
> of
> >them stated that Kiev was not rebuild after sacking by Batu, and remained
> >virtually uninhabited at list for a century.
> You may be right about the rebuilding. But them Alex's dudes, they can have,
> like, buried the corpses and stuff...

    Burime #2000:

          ***** blyadskij *********
          V den' sosyot po pyat' khuyov,
          A ********, blyad', *******
          Za noch' shest' ebyot kozlov.
          Kto potvorstvuet blyadyam,
          Tot -- mudak, sovok i kham.
          Ne pozvolim na seti
          Sukam klyauzy plesti.
          Ne pozvolim gadit' nam
          Vsyakim gnusnym stukacham,
          Gomosekam golubym,
          Izvrashchentsam polovym.

    ****** CMEPTb CTYKA4AM ******

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